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The GRD Educational trust is a tribute to the fourth Sikh Guru, GURU RAM DAS JI born on 24th September, 1534 A.D in Chuna Mandi Street of Lahore. Popularly known as 'Jetha' (being the eldest child of his parents), he frequented his visit to the village Basarke - native place of the third Sikh Guru, Guru Amar Dass. Jetha was a paragon of love, devotion and service to humanity and this was noticed by Guru Amar Das ji who later on decided to give away his second daughter Bibi Bhani in marriage to him in 1545. In 1574 A.D Jetha succeeded Guru Amar Das Ji as the fourth Sikh Guru under the name Ram Das. Thereafter, through his words and deeds he not only fulfilled the dreams of his mentor Guru Amar Das Ji but also committed himself to the upliftment of the society and humankind as a whole.

The Chairman of GRD Education trust is Sardar Raja Singh Ji , who with his dynamic spirit decided to venture into the field of education. His mission and commitment brought the Guru Ram Das educational trust into existence in 1982, dedicated to the sacred memory of the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das. The trust has since then set up GRD Academics in Ludhiana and Dehradun, GRD Girls Degree College in Dehradun and various other professional and technical institutes in Dehradun.