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Chairman's Message

Dear Students

Students and young minds are the real nation builders. Education is a very valuable instrument that opens the doors to a wealth of career choices for the students. Our student–centric philosophy of education aims to develop expertise, knowledge in a supportive and stimulating environment for excellence and grace to serve the societal cause justifiably. Our mission is to equip the students with knowledge, skills, creativity and to reveal untapped power within them.

At GRD Girls Degree College, we exert on imparting instructions, which help in creating an environment that is conducive to learning by self-study and discussions. Therefore, attendance in all classes is given importance by us, which serves as a fundamental recipe for success. This regulation seems a little harsh but it lays the foundation of any academic program.

At GRD Girls Degree College, we provide the best possible opportunities and infrastructure in order to nurture the students in a serene environment. Our academic programs are growth oriented and relevant for developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

For pursuing education at GRD I invite you to join us to find yourself in an entirely new world that opens up to various other new and promising worlds.